Cleaning canopy & fabrics

To enhance the durability and appearance of your canopy and cushions, we recommend following our care instructions regularly.


You can maintain and clean your canopy by following a few simple steps.

Brush off loose dirt before it becomes embedded in the fabric.

Hose down.

Spot clean soon after stains occur with water and mild soap or a textile cleaner (no detergents).

Allow soap to soak in.

Rinse thoroughly.

Always let the canopy air dry completely before storing or covering.

Textile care kit

Before use, you can apply an invisible film to make your cushions stain and water repellent by using a textile protector.

To give your canopy an extra clean or protect it even more you can use our textile care kit.

Textile cleaner:

Removes stains and restores a new look of your canopy.

Textile protector:

Helps to prevent stains and makes your canopy repellent to dirt, water and moisture.